Community Colleges

Transparent Recruiting for Community Colleges

Perhaps more than any other sector of higher education, community colleges can benefit the most from the wide range of services Academic Advertising provides.

Over the years, HR directors at many community colleges have shared stories with us about some ad agencies misrepresented their services and were less than forthcoming with key facts.

At Academic Advertising, integrity is built into everything we do, every day. This is why community colleges in all 50 states have been successfully recruiting and hiring great candidates with us for nearly a decade, and returning again and again to use our service frequently.

If your college is recruiting and hiring right now - or planning to in the future - call or email us today to learn how we can save your HR department time, money, and resources while helping you recruit academia’s best professionals.

AcademicAdvertising has helped community colleges in all 50 states with their recruiting and hiring needs, including:
How AcademicAdvertising Works:

1. Email AcademicAdvertising the jobs you want us to place for you.
2. AcademicAdvertising emails you back a quote for each of your ad requests, and recommendations/suggestions for more visibility.
3. You email back to us your acceptance and approval for us to begin posting your jobs.
4. AcademicAdvertising quickly places each of your jobs everywhere you want them to be placed (online job boards, newspapers, trade journals).
5. AcademicAdvertising emails you a straightforward, easy-to-view invoice and summary for the advertising.
6. You can then log into AcademicAdvertising's EasyView Portal to view your electronic tearsheets and proofs. You’ll always have a record of everywhere we placed your ads for you.

Every step of the way, you will be in control of the process from beginning to end.
You will save considerable amounts of time, money, and resources with every job you send us.